Starting out as a proprietorship in the early 1960s selling appliances, the company grew and in the 1970s, was established as the sole distributor of Tecno and Tecnogas. Our quality products from cooker hobs and hoods to ovens, refrigerators and washers immediately became a hit among households in Singapore. This heralded a new era in home appliances, paving the progress from traditional cookers to automated, high-precision built-in gas stoves. Building on our track record and backed by decades of experience, we are now a leading manufacturer and provider of home appliances in the region.


Here at Tecno, we constantly track and analyze cooking habits and kitchen spaces. These findings in turn shape the products we create, from the new technologies developed, all the way to the finest design details. Leveraging on our in depth knowledge and experience in the field of cooking appliances, we constantly push the boundaries of your everyday household cooking equipment, to make them easier, more enjoyable to use.

Sustainable Future

We are committed to a sustainable future. Our development teams continuously work with our suppliers to find new ways to reduce waste in the manufacturing and R&D process, as well as other aspects of our operations. We are also committed to our never-ending pursuit of better, greener products, so as to minimize our environmental impact and preserve as much of what we have for future generations.